Sides Seeding was founded in 1978 by Johnny and Susan Sides to offer full-service seeding and erosion control. We offer topsoil building products like Sides BlackWonder5000 to turn dead subsoil into live topsoil that can sustain beautiful turf long turf. 
We have special equipment like the Sides Spreader to distribute Black Wonder 5000, valuable ag lime, our own specialty fertilizers and Sides seed blends that are the result of 45 years of testing on every possible job site condition. 
Sides can access the toughest terrain with Morooka all-terrain trucks and 4×4 dual tire tractors. Give us a chance on your toughest silt fence, seeding, sod, matting or anything erosion job. There is no seeding or erosion job we can not handle. 
The White House Lawn or 100’s of acres of erosion control. 
We don’t sow grass on dead soil. We add what is needed to bring it to life so what we seed or sod flourishes. 
It’s guaranteed. Either you the customer gets a great stand of grass or we come back free. No excuses, just results. Follow our guidelines developed from years of testing and we assume all liability allowing you to concentrate on your main things.